Data Science Consulting Services for Enterprises and SMBs

We help companies conduct data experiments to gain business insights. Data science services can be used to optimize business resources and improve ROI

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At 1point01, we help companies conduct data experiments to gain business insights. Businesses can use data science consulting services to optimize business outcomes, streamline processes and increase ROI on various initiatives.

Organizations accumulate loads of unused data from transactions, connected devices, internal systems, and other sources. When looked at properly, they can provide various perspectives of looking and optimizing business. We help you unearth the hidden potential of data for your business growth.

Utilizing machine learning and AI allow organizations to take customer experience to the next level. It does it by streamlining existing processes and enhancing client-facing activities, particularly in marketing, sales, after-sales, and support.

By leveraging data science, we will help you anticipate, predict and transform your business while increasing growth opportunities.

Our experienced team of professional consultants helps you leverage digital technologies by gathering their data, analyzing and deriving actionable insights using machine learning and AI.

Our Data Science Consulting Services

Create actionable insights from data that can propel your business forward

Predictive analytics services
Predictive Analytics Services

History is a good predictor of the future. We combine data professionals with domain experts to build predictive models for you to see the future today. Several building blocks are used, including advanced analytics, statistical analysis, data mining, content analysis, predictive modeling, machine learning, etc.

Data analytics application development
Data Analytics Application Development Services

No organization can afford to ignore the leverage that data offers to improve its operations and sales. We allow organizations to exploit raw data from sources to gain business insights with data analytics app development. Our experts utilize advanced database services, data gathering, visualization, and data analysis.

BI consulting services
BI Consulting Services

The diagnostic and descriptive analysis of data is most effective when organizations have a business intelligence (BI) and big data strategy in place. Utilizing OLAP, predictive analysis, data mining, and BPM tools, we help organizations build robust BI systems.

Data engineering services
Data Engineering Services

We help organizations achieve growth and optimize business based on their data. We use machine learning and other advanced data-related technologies to make strategies and solutions for our clients.

Prescriptive data consulting services
Prescriptive Data Consulting

The future of any business is decided by the decisions taken today. Our machine learning experts and data scientists help make those decisions and take the right calls for every organization. With a deep knowledge of their domain, our experts help organizations make the best decisions and perform at their best.

Machine learning services
Machine Learning Services

We build intelligent ML solutions that are easy to deploy. We use machine learning and data science to apply to the models without negatively impacting the performance. Companies must embed smartness into their systems, so they can easily access data.

Our Data Science Point Solution Offerings

Our experience in particular domains allows us to help you solve specific business problems where AI and ML interventions are expected to succeed. We can formulate the right solution for your business' specific pain points based on the right combination of domain knowledge and artificial intelligence expertise.

Operations Enhancement
Operations Enhancement

Using your system data, we can study its behavior to improve operational processes, enhance the customer experience, and create new business models using ML and AI.

Supply Chain Management Optimization
Supply Chain Management Optimization

Our data science consultants use your past and existing data sources for reliable demand predictions, route optimization, inventory recommendations, and risk assessments.

Predictive Maintenance
Predictive Maintenance

We work to prevent production downtime caused by breakdowns. Data from the past is studied to predict likely maintenance schedules, thereby smoothening the production cycle.

Personalized Customer Experience
Personalized Customer Experience

Our data science and machine learning experts analyze acquired customer data with deep domain knowledge to create customer clusters, recommendation engines, personalized offerings, etc.

Customer Churn Prediction
Customer Churn Prediction

Our experts analyze customer behavior through CRM, POS, and other customer-related systems to predict customers who are likely to churn. Appropriate action may help in curbing the churn.

Sales Process Optimization
Sales Process Optimization

By utilizing advanced lead scoring, following funnel step recommendations, tracking customer sentiment, and managing customer communications, our ML and AI experts help you automate your sales pipeline.

Technology and Frameworks

We make use of different technologies and frameworks to deliver the desired outcome to our customers.

Python for ML
Amazon ML
Azure for ML
Sci-kit for Machine Learning
Matplotlib for Data visualization
Seaborn for Data visualization
Plotly for Data visualization
Mahout for ML
Tensorflow ML
Theano for ML
Torch for Machine Learning
Keras for ML
Spark for ML
Tableau for Data visualization

Why Work With Us?

So here are a few reasons why our valued customers choose us.

Experienced marketing and sales leadership

1point01 boasts of leaders with more than 15 years of industry experience in digital marketing, lead generation, and sales. We understand what works and, more importantly what doesn't work, which avoids rework and unnecessary campaign spend.

Perfect blend of domain knowledge and technology

We understand the domain intricacies and how marketing and sales practices are applied in that industry. Along with that, we always use technology tools to scale our efforts and bring in results at high ROI.

Customer is at the core of everything that we do

We start our engagement by understanding you, your pain points, and your business objectives. We then strategize and execute the program that will provide you the optimal result.

Global view of business and cultural understanding

We have worked with customers from different territories, including the US, Germany, The Netherlands, South Africa, and India. It has given us first-hand experience of different cultures, perspectives, and a wide variety of business requirements.