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Our Virtual CMO Services (also known as Fractional CMO Services) use the most comprehensive suite of tools and advanced marketing skillet to create and manage your marketing activities.

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Best execution capability without a sound strategy can't guarantee results.

If you want to propel your business to the next level, then you must identify top marketing and sales priorities and address them. Only seasoned professionals with deep marketing experience can guide you in the right direction.

Without this seasoned marketing expert's help, the existing marketing team finds it difficult to turn your business into a multi-million-dollar business. The team is focused on the activities and not on the strategic plan. The marketing team might also be focusing on tools and not on the best practices. All these things hinder your growth. Moreover, the lack of a global view and ignorance of best practices burn your marketing budget on unnecessary or less productive activities to complicate things. It all leads to higher frustration levels.

If you are deliberating on any of the following thoughts, then you need a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO): “I am finding it difficult to look after marketing activities.” “My current team is not fetching enough leads for my organization.” “The sales team is constantly nagging me about no support from the marketing team.” “Agencies show good reports, but those are not getting translated into leads.”

The right CMO can help you identify the solution for the above problems by shouldering the marketing responsibility. Such an experienced CMO can bring maximum efficiency to the marketing function, helping you grow multi-fold.

However, having a full-time CMO is a costly affair. It can cost you anywhere between $80k-$200k a year in salary. Not many businesses can afford this salary. In such a scenario, Virtual Chief Marketing Officer (also known as Virtual CMO or Fractional CMO or Outsourced CMO) can be beneficial.

The Virtual CMO brings in the right expertise and insight to grasp your business intricacies. The Virtual CMO works with you to understand the business priorities and objectives. Taking your inputs, the Virtual CMO then builds a strategic marketing plan. Post that, he or she works with your marketing team or external agencies to execute the plan and get you the desired results. Along with this, the Virtual CMO also sets up processes and systems for your organization that would bring consistency in marketing team deliveries.

Our Virtual CMO offering would cost you almost half than having a dedicated CMO on your payroll. If you are looking to have an expert driving your marketing activities, get in touch with us.