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The complexity and speed at which the marketing landscape changes make it quite challenging for marketers to cope with it. It makes them realize that they need to modify their current operating approach to achieve desired results in the digital age.

If you want to run better and faster campaigns, agile is the perfect solution for you. It empowers you to support your business's revenue goals while reducing the time to market. However, implementing agile in your marketing campaigns is not simple. You have to revisit everything from leadership style to team structure.

1point01 - Your Agile Marketing Consulting Partner

This is where we come in. 1point01 is an agile consulting firm that can assist your internal marketing team in embracing agile. We have worked with several marketing organizations, including marketing communications, in-house corporate marketing, and agencies over the years to help them set up agile processes.

If you're wondering, “Well, our team can figure it out on their own, so why would we need you?

That's a fair question. We are not suspecting the capability of your in-house marketing team when it comes to agile implementation. However, we can agree that given the rapidly shifting needs of your target audience and marketing strategies, you may not have the luxury of time to conduct in-depth research.

By the time you may have figured it all out, another trend will have passed, and you're back to square one. You should also consider the budget needed to conduct your own research, which would be difficult, especially if you don't have the tools to do it.

For this reason, you should consider using our agile consulting services for a smoother and speedier implementation. Our expertise will enable you to converge faster while minimizing any wastage of time, money, and effort.

How Does it Work?

We conduct a series of workshops to explore the world of agile marketing. Furthermore, we begin by explaining how your marketing team can apply agile principles to your business and what benefits can be achieved hereafter. Our team at 1point01 will formulate a blueprint to kick-start the agile marketing program while coaching leaders and teams along the way.

Agile leadership is central to the success of agile marketing. We offer support and guidance to leaders during the entire process. Besides, agile would not only improve the collaboration amongst team members but also keep them motivated throughout the campaign. With the help of our agile consulting services, you can swiftly transform your standard operating process into an agile operating system. We follow a 4-step process to help you adopt agile in marketing:

  • Initiation: We examine the agile practices, principles, values, and how they can be employed to resolve the pain points of your business.
  • Kickoff Stage: It includes creating the blueprint, forming agile teams, coaching leadership, training key stakeholders, and preparing materials.
  • Stabilize: We ensure that agile becomes your de facto method of working in marketing during this stage.
  • Improve/Boost: We identify key areas of improvement such as agile metrics and relationships with vendors through feedback.

Agile Consulting Services - Customized to Your Needs

If there was a prefabricated methodology for agile implementation, there would not be any demand for agile marketing consulting services. The truth is every organization has unique capabilities and requirements, which is why a one-size-fits-all solution doesn't work here. Instead, it necessitates inspecting and adapting.

An agile consulting firm like ours can help you manage this journey easily. Not just that, you can maintain a consistent approach to find success with every marketing campaign, which is certainly not an easy feat.

Ready to begin your agile marketing journey? Reach out to us, and we will answer every question that you may have.