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With rapidly evolving technology and a sea of marketing tools out there, marketers can feel overwhelmed. Consider choosing our Martech consulting services to ease the transition.

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With over 5000 marketing apps and tools out there, how do you ever decide what's best for your marketing operations? To complicate things further, you need different software for content creation, account-based marketing, content management, marketing automation, customer relationship management, etc.

With a plethora of alternatives, it can soon get quite overwhelming for you to make the right decision. This is where our role as a Martech agency comes into play. We offer consultation on which marketing technology solutions or “Martech” would be suitable for your business.

Why Do You Need Martech Consulting Services?

Even though Martech provides the vital agility to perform various functions, marketers often find themselves at crossroads because they:

  • are perplexed by the number of choices
  • feel overwhelmed by the procedure of integrating existing systems with Martech
  • face uncertainty as to how their strategic objectives would align with their choices
  • suspect an overlap of functions offered by each tool
  • are unclear about which tools will get them the best ROI for every dollar spent

Partnering with a Martech consulting firm like 1point01 can remove all the uncertainty surrounding the subject. Failing to do so can lead to unfavorable outcomes such as low ROI. We help you pick tools that can measure the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to give you an accurate measure of ROI.

Apart from that, we assist you in selecting the complete technology stack that supports all your marketing initiatives, such as marketing automation, content management, lead generation, customer relationship management, etc.

How Do We Maximize Your Investments?

We follow a series of steps to help you attain a great ROI on marketing:

  • We identify gaps in your current Martech performance and marketing operational needs through an audit.
  • We pick tools that align with your marketing and organizational goals.
  • We help you integrate them with your existing technology.
  • We work with your in-house marketing team, train them, and ensure that they achieve the goals.
  • We make additional improvements in the marketing program by measuring the results.

Why Choose Us?

We take care of every aspect of Martech. Not only do we assess your needs but also find tools to match those needs. Moreover, we believe in evaluating the results obtained from omnichannel marketing to keep improving with every campaign.

We help with setting up processes, marketing automation, measurement, and optimization. Equipped with extensive marketing and technology experience, we can help your company get a leading edge in the market.

This is no secret that technology is continually evolving. New opportunities present themselves now and then, which should be good news for businesses. However, with newer technology comes more choices and the subsequent dilemma.

Marketers have multiple responsibilities, and they may not necessarily have the time to monitor tech developments and opportunities. However, navigating through the dynamic marketing industry requires just that. Martech consulting companies like 1point01 can help you overcome these challenges by:

  • Reviewing your existing marketing technology
  • Replacing outdated technology that doesn't yield results
  • Introduce new technology and process (supported by data)

We remove the guesswork from Martech and alleviate your stress.

Never Miss Opportunities with 1point01

With a Martech agency like 1point01, you never have to worry about missed opportunities, lost time, poor conversion, and unsuccessfully executed marketing operations.

Not only will your team get a clear direction through our consultation, but you will also feel motivated to improve the outcome. Guided by data, we minimize any risk that you may face during the transition.

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