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Our perspective about what's happening around in the field of marketing and sales and how it is going to impact the future of business development. We also present strategies, tactics and tools to use for strategic marketing to better reach your target audience digitally.

What Marketers Can Learn From Lord Ganesh

This adorable deity Ganesh has so many qualities that can inspire marketers to improve their work. In this blog, we have captured 5 qualities that will make marketers productive.

'Trust' Markers in Your Marketing and Sales Collateral

Many companies give importance to skillsets in their marketing collateral. However, they don't give that much importance to trust markers. Research highlights that they should.

Say 'Thank You' For Growing Your Business

A survey of 1,000 US consumers highlighted that 84% of people still prefer an in-person thank you, even though we live in a digital age. This begs the question: are we taking out time to say 'thank you' to our customers?

Frugal on Budget, High on ROI

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound impact on the way consumers search for and purchase products and services. Under these uncertain situations, marketers should think about a frugal budget and high ROI campaigns that will take their brand to newer heights.