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Concept behind 1point01

The principle of consistency is one we use all the time in marketing, but it's a principle that works all the way through life. It's why Einstein was able to do his physics, and why Lewis Carroll could write Alice in Wonderland. If you want to be an expert at something, you have to work at it every day, and when you do, your skills will improve. They improve 37.8 times in just a year.

One can't decide to be an expert at something just because it is fun or because one thinks they have the talent for it. Becoming expert takes lot of relentless practice and dedication. It makes you really good at using the skills.

Consistency isn't just about doing things over and over again; it's also about doing things in a particular order and at a particular rhythm.

We have seen that in marketing when you set a cadence and commit to learn and apply new skills, you bring growth to your clients.


Give Your Business The Edge It Needs To Reach Your Goals

We are a strategic marketing and growth hacking consulting agency leveraging the power of digital technology.

Utilize the power of digital marketing to grow your business and enhance your brand. We bring the best practices from inbound marketing and growth hacking together to benefit you.

We offer marketing execution and consulting services to companies of all sizes. We help you achieve your marketing and other business goals. We do this by providing strategic marketing advice, and we do it by combining our experience in marketing, strategy and communications with our knowledge of the market.

Meet Our Team

Create a powerful differentiation for your business

Growth Hacker and Data Scientist
Mandar Thosar
Strategic Marketer

Mandar brings in over 15 years of practical experience of growing the organization 20-fold, setting up marketing best practices and scaling marketing team and business.

Performance Marketing Specialist
Chris Malone
Performance Marketing Specialist

Chris brings in decades of experience in performance marketing. He ensures success by combining his marketing skills with a deep understanding of technology. He believes that you can achieve growth through efficiency and speed.

Sales Specialist
Umesh Kulkarni
Sales Specialist

Umesh has consistently delivered business results for last 20 years and trained hundreds to utilize cold calls, trade shows, and seminars to network with business owners for business growth.

Digital Marketing Expert
Kishori Dange
Digital Marketing Expert

Kishori is a brilliant woman who has been a digital marketing expert for over a decade. She is especially skilled in SEO and website management. She is able to bring in the services of martech companies to help you grow your business.

Technology and Frameworks

We make use of different technologies and frameworks to deliver the desired outcome to our customers.

Hubspot for Marketing automation
MailChimp for Mail campaigns
Sendinblue for Mail campaigns
Google Analytics for Web analytics
SproutSocial for social media management
SendGrid for Bulk mailing
Ahrefs for SEO management
SEMRush for SEO management
Unbounce for Landing page management
Hotjar for Real-time visual record
Clearbit for Marketing data
Typeform for Forms
Canva for Graphics development
Moz for SEO
ScreamingFrog for SEO
BuzzSumo for Brand management

Python for Software development
PHP for Software development
Laravel for Software development
Wordpress for CMS development
Sci-kit for Machine Learning
Matplotlib for Data visualization
Seaborn for Data visualization
Plotly for Data visualization

Why Work With Us?

So here are a few reasons why our valued customers choose us.

Experienced marketing and sales leadership

1point01 boasts of leaders with more than 15 years of industry experience in digital marketing, lead generation, and sales. We understand what works and, more importantly what doesn't work, which avoids rework and unnecessary campaign spend.

Perfect blend of domain knowledge and technology

We understand the domain intricacies and how marketing and sales practices are applied in that industry. Along with that, we always use technology tools to scale our efforts and bring in results at high ROI.

Customer is at the core of everything that we do

We start our engagement by understanding you, your pain points, and your business objectives. We then strategize and execute the program that will provide you the optimal result.

Global view of business and culture

We have worked with customers from different territories, including the US, Germany, The Netherlands, South Africa, and India. It has given us first-hand experience of different cultures, perspectives, and a wide variety of business requirements.

Our Blog

Our perspective about what's happening around in the field of marketing technology, sales, business development and how it is going to impact the future of business development.

Brainstorming for Marketing Campaign Ideas

Brainstorm ideas for your next marketing campaign using the elements discussed in this blog.

Target Drives the Sales, Marketing Needs a System

A marketing system is an incredibly important tool for businesses of any size to build and drive predictable results.

Received Best SME Growth Consultancy 2021 - Western India award

We're proud to announce that 1point01 has received a Best SME Growth Consultancy 2021 - Western India award from Corporate Vision (CV) Magazine.