Marketing Automation Consulting Services

We help find the right tools, strategies, and tactics for every size of business to track and optimize every digital marketing campaign at scale.

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Automation is useful only if you understand which message can impact who in what way at what time.

If you don't know whom you are targeting and how to target them effectively, then automation would do more damage to you than good. Our marketing automation consulting services can help you in platform selection to implementation and strategy planning to automation execution.

If businesses have to bring marketing team transformation and seize growth opportunities, digital platforms provide a potent way of augmenting possibilities. Marketing automation platforms enable companies to bring in tremendous pace utilizing process automation. Right processes at optimal automation levels can do wonders saving your marketing team hundreds of hours of manual work, which they can spend in more strategic activities such as planning newer marketing campaigns, analyzing the results of the previous campaigns for actionable insights, etc.

In today's cut-throat competition, your pace of work is going to determine the winner. In that sense, marketing automation is not a want but a need of the hour. Our marketing automation consultant can provide an edge to your business with experience in managing different marketing automation platforms.

We have experience in helping you with the following marketing automation platforms.

  • Hubspot
  • Marketo
  • Pardot
  • Mautic (Open source)

We can engage with you for your turnkey marketing automation project or campaign-based assignments. We can help you with the following but not limited to:

  • Setup of an Automation platform
  • Define buyer persona
  • Design funnel stages
  • Build lead generation strategies
  • Create automated workflows
  • Prepare email templates
  • Strategize lead scoring and grading
  • Design forms
  • Integrate with CMS
  • Integrate social platforms
  • Develop landing pages
  • Conduct A/B testing
  • Create dynamic or smart content
  • Develop CTAs
  • Prepare reports
  • Setup dashboard

If you are looking to set up a marketing automation platform for your business or improve the marketing automation performance, get in touch with us for our marketing automation consulting services.