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  • Weekly Marketing Quotes – 2020 Week 46
    How do you produce valuable marketing content? Listen to your customers. They will tell you what’s important to them. It will also tell you what information they will regard as valuable. Digital Advertisements are meant to be conversational The nature of the digital platform […]
  • Weekly Marketing Quotes – 2020 Week 45
    The purpose of the company should be to support customers with their business goals. Your products are just a mean for your customers to achieve those goals. Customers can help you with product feedback, and hence they help you remain relevant to the customers. […]
  • Weekly Marketing Quotes – 2020 Week 44
    If you could find the answer to this question, then you can improve your repeat purchases. It would increase your revenue with the same set of buyers. The buyer would eventually decide the value of your products or services. You can only try to […]
  • Weekly Marketing Quotes – 2020 Week 43
      There’s no way you will beat the competition if you are not improving what you are doing. First, get into the contest with yourself. Marketing involves the continuous study of your customers, marketplace, and offerings. With digital marketing, you ought to learn about […]
  • Weekly Marketing Quotes – 2020 Week 42
      The vital role of marketing is to change the behavior of the people. That’s how people got motivated to try bicycles when they didn’t know how to balance, sit in a heavy iron box running on rails, or ready to try a new […]

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