'Trust' Markers in Your Marketing and Sales Collateral

2022-08-09 00:00:00

Many companies give importance to skillsets in their marketing collateral. However, they don't give that much importance to trust markers.

In this connected world, companies are dependent on their suppliers and partners for keeping the promises they have made to their customers. Hence, it is critical that these suppliers and partners are dependable.

A recent survey by Economist Intelligence Group found that:

  1. For 77% of businesses, finding partners they can trust is a critical business priority
  2. 82% of responding businesses feel that trust can't exist without transparency

When you read these findings, you don't really get surprised. We all know that this is true. However, not many businesses take appropriate actions to display that they are trustworthy as a business.

Let's include trust markers in your marketing and sales collateral. Some trust markers to consider are:

  • Awards or recognition from third-party organizations
  • Client testimonials or case studies
  • Media mentions

If you are not sure whether you have them already in your collateral, do a third-party audit of your marketing and sales collateral. Doing so can help ensure that your business is conveying the right message to potential partners and customers. You can show potential customers that your business is one they can depend on.

Mandar Thosar
Mandar Thosar
Marketing Consultant and Data Scientist
Mandar is a Growth consultant for SMBs. He helps SMBs achieve their business goals using growth hacking, inbound strategy, and digital marketing best practices. He works closely with the marketing teams to develop strategies, initiatives, programs, and tools to drive brand awareness, business development, and revenue opportunities.

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