Sales and Marketing nuggets for December 2020

2020-12-31 00:00:00Mandar

Are you sending an acknowledgment to users after they respond to your survey or fill the form? Sending an acknowledgment is good etiquette. The organization should respond to any communication in time. That way, you can also confirm whether the email received is correct.

As a marketer, how's your relationship with other departments within the organization? To be effective in marketing, you have to be having good relationships with other functions: the quality of the relationship is directly proportionate to the access to insights.

Content starts with a thought. Do you have one? Having a platoon to write content for you will not help you unless you know what you are writing. Content writing is not about putting paragraphs after paragraphs. It is about connecting with the readers.

Do different people tell cohesive stories within your organization to your prospects? Unless everybody contributing to the buyer's journey is telling a consistent narrative, the experience will not be cohesive. The fractured experience will help you push the user in the sales pipeline.

For cold calls, should you start with your name and organization introduction? Should your cold-calling script start with explaining who you are or with your value proposition? You have limited time to engage with the prospects.

Introverts and extroverts would need to use different sales approaches Is your organization using the same sales approach irrespective of the personalities of the salespeople? Ideally, it would be best if you had a sales approach aligned with the people's personality selling the stuff and the prospects' persona.

Where is your sales pipeline leaking? Many organizations just look at the conversion number only. However, it will also be beneficial if they look at where precisely the sales pipeline is leaking. Addressing the concern of the leak might help move prospects further in the sales funnel.

How would you know if it's engaging unless they have access to it? The website has to be engaging. However, how would marketers know that unless the website is published and users can access it and interact with it? Only then can one tell for sure whether it is engaging enough.

Is your team responsible for output or outcome? Is your team checking off the items from the list or delivering value that was agreed upon during yearly marketing planning. The marketing team should elevate itself to deliver the outcome.

Should you have a template for a personalized message? It's a paradoxical question, but should marketers have a template for personalized communication? A template might fast-track the process, but it would limit the personalization possibility. One has to pick the right mix of standardization and personalization.

What are the top 5 marketing metrics you check regularly? If organizations want to know which direction they are heading concerning their marketing efforts, they need to track top metrics regularly.

Are sales and marketing teams looking at the same data as their source of information? The sales and marketing teams need to look at the same base data for their respective assignments. This is the first step towards sales-marketing alignment.

How do you consume customer feedback? Even if the marketing team or sales would pick up the customer feedback, other functions and departments will need to be acted. How do you manage that?

Email sequences and cadence are equally important Not only having a sequence of emails, but the rhythm in the execution is of equal importance. Without sequence and cadence, maintaining the sales pipeline is difficult.