Sales and Marketing nuggets for September 2020

2020-09-30 00:00:00Mandar

How will you know that your social media posts are not contributing to the digital landfill? Many marketers are posting stuff for the sake of posting. They are not analyzing what is being like and what’s not getting any engagement. It is adding to the clutter and diminishing their brand value.

Marketers must define user journeys. However, are we setting the context for those journeys? User journeys are seldom unidirectional. But for the lack of data or skills, the journeys are defined as a single thread movement for only one medium, assuming that buyer will never access another medium.

How are you managing data privacy issues? Even if data privacy laws may not govern you, for now, it is bound to come your way. It is better to prepare for data privacy management.

For any claim you are making, remember that the customer would ask you this - show me the proof Many companies use big words and make tall claims for the sake of impressing their customers. However, they should remember that customers are processing the claims at the back of their mind and asking for its proof. Better we tell them in advance.

Marketing campaigns: If done well, brilliant! If not, terrible! Many times the success of the campaign depends on how well you execute it. The plan on paper might look the same for a brilliant and terrible outcome. Execution is the key here.

Data alone will not get us to insight When a proper study of data is conducted under the business problem’s context, only then insights start to surface.

What are we doing to win our customer trust? Customer trust needs to be won with a thoughtful series of activities. Every small action towards winning the customer’s heart will take your trust index up. And, you have to maintain it that level with regular efforts.

How are you deciding on your content topics? Is your marketing team arriving at their content plan based on - what it wants to show, what your customers want to read or what’s buzzing in the market? There’s no right answer to it. However, data will tell you if you are making efforts in the right direction.

Are you utilizing technology only to scale your marketing? You ought to utilize the technology to make marketing smarter and hyper-personalized too. If your marketing fundamentals are wrong, then technology would do damage faster.

If that category has to make sense to your customer, then you can’t be the only player in it A monopoly is not having no competition. It is controlling the maximum market share. If you want to be the leader of a particular category, there should be other players in that category.

You can’t have ten niches at once If you try to be everything to be everyone, then you will be nothing to none. Figure out one thing that you are really best at and market that.

Transitions are not instantaneous If your offering is ahead of the time or involves change on your audience’s part to appreciate it, you will need to give them time to accept your offerings.

You may have brand advocates, but have you built their community The community is a powerful force. And, you can grow the business with word-of-mouth from your community members. Nurture the community.

Is there anybody else than you who says that you are ‘innovative’? Tall claims are difficult to justify and lack factual backing. So, be careful if you are making one.

How are you lucidly explaining your complex offerings? Even if your target audience is highly technical, they will appreciate it if you can simplify it. It underlines that you know your area well.

Help your prospects understand why your service is critical Unless your prospects understand your offering’s value in their business context, they will not be ready to buy it quickly.

Understand sales to become a good marketer Only if you understand how a sale happens you will capture the nuances of the business. Without that, you can’t market your business well.

Remember that you are solving your customer’s customer problem If you help your customers understand how you are solving their end customer’s problem, you will elevate yourself in your customers’ eyes.

Persona helps you market better, but you are selling to humans with unique attributes Persona helps you understand your target audience to a greater extent allowing you personalize communication to some extent. But for hyper-personalization, you will need to pick up more subtle details of the customer interactions.

You write your copy primarily to be understood, not to impress your audience If your audience has to spend a little extra to understand your message, then you might lose them. Many distractions already surround them.

How are you building your marketing system? People would join and leave your marketing team. The system will stay much longer. Are you making efforts to build and improve the marketing system?

Create separate segments of users for their needs and wants The users who have different needs and wants may respond differently to your CTA. So, it’s better to segregate them in separate segments to improve your response rate.