Sales and Marketing nuggets for July 2020

2020-07-31 00:00:00Mandar

When your customers are willing to expose their vulnerabilities with much of a hesitation, then you know that they trust you When your customers trust you, they know that you will not exploit them to make more profits for your organization. They know that you will guide them in the right direction.

Customers' belief systems and experiences from different interactions over a period result in a trust quotient It's not so easy to change the belief system, so try to impact customer experiences. It's relatively more straightforward. Start with one touchpoint and go on optimizing the whole buyer journey.

Try to get client testimony for a specific pain that you have solved for your customers. It is much more valuable than a generic one. Full testimonial gives more information about your service and product capability, and specific help you had extended to the customer. It makes your future sales relatively easier as potential customers would have a better understanding of what to expect from you.

Agencies, vendors, and partners are selected for why and how they do what they do. Generally, ‘what' part of your offering is not your USP. So, make it a point to talk about ‘why' and ‘how' part of your offering too. That is what is going to get you the customer.

Wherever you see struggle followed by the successful outcome, there lies your potential case study Every story of your triumph against the odds you faced while delivering your services could be an interesting case study for your prospects. People want to work with companies who go beyond the call of the duty to support them.

Make your survey forms as small as possible Long survey forms might deter your users from filling them, and you will not get value out of your survey.

What is the likelihood of you doing business with us again? This question is the best litmus test for assessing your business survival. If you get a positive response, then it's time for you to celebrate.

If you want phenomenal growth, then only focus on your customer categories that are enthusiastic about your offering Focusing on every customer category will dilute the organizational focus and might dissuade your loyal customers. However, focusing only on your key segments will help you fine-tune your offerings for them.

Do you think lengthy and complicated customer survey forms would get you actionable insights? What if those long and complicated forms reducing your overall response rate, and only highly satisfied customers fill those skewing the whole result in one direction.

Are you getting referrals from your customers? If you are getting referrals, that means people are happy with your services. They are willing to refer their friends and families because they think it will bring positive change in their life.

When was the last time when you utilize the output from the survey to actually improve something at your organization? Many companies conduct surveys every year as a ritual. However, not many do a thorough study of the responses, and very few use it for building a more influential organization.

Customer loyalty and revenue growth are directly proportional It's not a surprise and yet many companies just focus on improving revenue growth without much consideration for improving customer loyalty.

A blog represents the human side of your organization You can be casual in your blog posts and show your human side to the audience. It can have emotions (which is difficult for service pages), which connect with the audience instantly.

Irrespective of your organization's size, content can play a more significant role in your growth story The right content can get you followers, prospects, customers, or even investors. You just have to ensure that you are projecting the right attitude and story through it.

Are you telling a story or giving out information? Think! Many believe that they are narrating a story to the world while they are just giving out numbers and information which is most suited for your annual report.

Makes your sales conversations engaging by asking relevant, exploratory and progressive questions Your customers will love to work with you if you are making an effort to understand them well. They will sense your genuine efforts.

Despite the acceptance of the concept of storytelling, there's still a lack of actual storytelling in business The things pushed as stories are actually dry case studies. If it is not making you emotional, then there's a good chance that it's not a story.

Ability, benevolence, and integrity lead to trust Trust is an essential ingredient for long term business success. Ability, benevolence, and integrity form the basis of trust for any business.

Know what part of your customer business you know better than them and hinge your pitch on that point If you convince your customers that you know a particular aspect of their business better than anybody else, then your sale becomes easy.

The brand is a feeling which is irrational at times It's challenging to tell why you love a particular brand. However, you try to reason your response with the features and benefits of the products and services. You know internally that the reasons go far beyond the features and benefits.

Your brand sets an expectation of the quality experience in the mind of your buyer As a marketer, you should always try to live up to that expectation and go beyond if possible. It's the best way to reinforce your brand in the mind of your buyer. Repeated positive experiences will turn them into a loyal customer base.

What gets their attention, what drives their decision, what drives their retention are entirely different things Your ads and paid campaign might win you people to try out your products and services. But what will help retain them are the features and benefits of your offerings. Marketers need to know what drives buyers throughout their journey.

Brand perception changes after using the product or experiencing the service The marketers should work towards delivering a positive experience that elevates the perception to a new height. Such customers then become loyal fans and promote the brand through their word of mouth.

All social proofs are not equal An endorsement on LinkedIn would go a long way as compared to comment on the Facebook post. The verifiability of the commenter would play a significant role in attaching value to social proof.

Marketing is premium that you pay for securing a unique position in the market The right marketing strategy and approach can create a unique position for you in the market. But that also means that you would need to hire the right marketers who understand the game of marketing.

If you want people to obey you, don't tell them what to do directly People don't like being directed to do certain things. A good marketer will lead them to the desired outcome. Tell people what they would gain if they cross a particular level. They will figure out a way to go beyond that level on their own.

Expose yourself to ideas beyond your industry To innovate marketing campaigns, the marketer has to constantly look at what's new happening around, and how to combine it with the campaigns that an organization is planning cost-effectively.