Marketing Weekly

Weekly Marketing Quotes – 2020 Week 46

How do you produce valuable marketing content?
Listen to your customers. They will tell you what’s important to them. It will also tell you what information they will regard as valuable.

Digital Advertisements are meant to be conversational
The nature of the digital platform makes it easier for the customers to respond to your ad. If marketers are not using this platform to converse with their customers, they do not utilize the platform’s full potential.

How do you create influence with your information?
If your information is actionable and helps your customers drive more business, they will consider you influential.

Is your information sharing helping you build new relationships?
Are you able to reach new prospects with your content? Could you set up further meetings through your content initiative? If not, think about what your customers would love to read and write about that.

Is budget an integral part of your yearly marketing plan?
Are you incorporating the budget as part of the marketing plan? It will help you plan your spending and track your performance against the expenditure.

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