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Weekly Marketing Quotes – 2020 Week 36


Service offerings are complex and include many dynamic elements based on three additional marketing Ps (people, process, and physical evidence). Unless we know what requirements we are leaving unaddressed, it would be not easy to win customers.

Many marketers are posting stuff for the sake of posting. They are not analyzing what is being like and what’s not getting any engagement. It is adding to the clutter and diminishing their brand value.

User journeys are seldom unidirectional. But for the lack of data or skills, the journeys are defined as a single thread movement for only one medium, assuming that buyer will never access another medium.

Even if data privacy laws may not govern you, for now, it is bound to come your way. It is better to prepare for data privacy management.

Many companies use big words and make tall claims for the sake of impressing their customers. However, they should remember that customers are processing the claims at the back of their mind and asking for its proof. Better we tell them in advance.

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