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Weekly marketing quotes – 2020 Week 33

Unless we expand our knowledge about the customers, it is tough to understand our customers. You can’t understand them well if you don’t know them.
At the very core, all the decisions are emotional. They are processed to assign logical reasons later. So, salespeople need to appease tacit irrational expectations of their customers with explicit rational demands.
As a marketer, we have to be curious about things. If a customer has clicked on one CTA and not the other, then it should raise the ‘why’ question in our mind. If that is not happening, then all analytics tools’ reports would just be the numbers to you.
Interestingly, many marketers use these terms interchangeably. Failure is a possible outcome with a case study. The focus here is on learning and experimentation.
“I haven’t failed — I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.” See, I had told you. There are so many good examples of failures around us used creatively to highlight the efforts gone into making something.

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