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Weekly marketing quotes – 2020 Week 30

It’s challenging to tell why you love a particular brand. However, you try to reason your response with the features and benefits of the products and services. You know internally that the reasons go far beyond the features and benefits.

As a marketer, you should always try to live up to that expectation and go beyond if possible. It’s the best way to reinforce your brand in the mind of your buyer. Repeated positive experiences will turn them into a loyal customer base. 

Your ads and paid campaign might win you people to try out your products and services. But what will help retain them are the features and benefits of your offerings. Marketers need to know what drives buyers throughout their journey. 

The marketers should work towards delivering a positive experience that elevates the perception to a new height. Such customers then become loyal fans and promote the brand through their word of mouth. 

An endorsement on LinkedIn would go a long way as compared to comment on the Facebook post. The verifiability of the commenter would play a significant role in attaching value to social proof. 

The right marketing strategy and approach can create a unique position for you in the market. But that also means that you would need to hire the right marketers who understand the game of marketing.

People don’t like being directed to do certain things. A good marketer will lead them to the desired outcome. Tell people what they would gain if they cross a particular level. They will figure out a way to go beyond that level on their own.

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