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Weekly marketing quotes – 2020 Week 29

You can be casual in your blog posts and show your human side to the audience. It can have emotions (which is difficult for service pages), which connect with the audience instantly.

The right content can get you followers, prospects, customers, or even investors. You just have to ensure that you are projecting the right attitude and story through it. 

Many believe that they are narrating a story to the world while they are just giving out numbers and information which is most suited for your annual report. 

Your customers will love to work with you if you are making an effort to understand them well. They will sense your genuine efforts.

The things pushed as stories are actually dry case studies. If it is not making you emotional, then there’s a good chance that it’s not a story. 

Trust is an essential ingredient for long term business success. Ability, benevolence, and integrity form the basis of trust for any business. 

If you convince your customers that you know a particular aspect of their business better than anybody else, then your sale becomes easy.

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