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Weekly marketing quotes – 2020 Week 22

If you are into the healthcare business, you will want your customers i.e., patients, to go home once they are healthy. Your customers will churn naturally, and that’s expected. 

Sometimes you might assume that people and customers are not leaving you because they are loyal. Think thoroughly about the reason for their stickiness. The future of your business depends on that. 

There could be high paying new customer categories evolving out in the market. What are you doing to capture that new segment? 

All existing big corporations are the small-size disruptors of the past. Keep leading your industry – innovate faster than disruptors, acquire disruptors or partner with disruptors.

Sometimes, doing things for the sake of doing is more dangerous than not doing it at all. Your customers want to be looked after and not just heard.

Many businesses miss out on including the ‘followup’ part in their campaigns. It is equally, or slightly more, necessary for bringing in more leads.

“Is your marketing team utilizing all the new-age tools and technologies to attract and convert customers?”

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