Marketing Weekly

Weekly marketing quotes – 2020 Week 19

When you have people outside your organization to represent and promote your brand, your force is multiplied manifold. Think of how you can involve influencers to talk about you.

Well, you can try to market it well in advance. Law doesn’t hold you back from doing it.

If your buyers are known about your higher purpose of existence then they will want to be part of it. They will engage with you beyond your offering.

Everybody is a potential marketer. Is everybody marketing? Think about how can you make everybody promoting your brand. 

Have you got your message, persona, and buyer journey defined? How will you come up with so many ‘right’ things all at once without it? 

Do you think that organizational growth is the sole responsibility of your sales and marketing teams? We live in a different world where everybody is helping you drive your mission. 

Know your buyers’ triggers and work towards enhancing them to impact your revenue positively. 

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